James Matthews, M.D.

Calvert Family Medicine, P.C.

301 Steeple Chase Dr., Ste #108

Prince Frederick, MD 20678

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Email: JasMatthews@msn.com

Away from all the hustle and bustle of the big city, you'll find our quiet little office in Prince Frederick, Maryland.
Offering premium medical services in:
     * Medication assisted treatment for Opioid Dependence with suboxone, zubsolv, and subutex.
     * Primary care for Individuals and Families.
     * Holistic Healthcare for a whole range of physical and emotional concerns.
Call (443) 295 - 7215 for making your appointment today.
My background is in holistic medicine and I'm now offering all inclusive red carpet healthcare for everyone. 
Patients resonate well with me because I take time to listen to their concerns and being passionate about healthcare, I can offer guidance on many different conditions, including those that haven't responded well to traditional approaches, and often with methods that are more natural, less invasive, and often, less expensive.
I do not accept insurance but will provide you with a properly formatted statement that you can submit to your company.
Charges for medical conditions can vary widely but you can meet with me in person or over the phone for 15 - 20 minutes to see if I might be able to help you for free.
Of course we cannot operate completely for free all of the time but our charges are very reasonable, and we have never turned a patient away for their inability to pay.  In fact, we have treated many patients for many months, and in several cases many years, completely for free.
Call (443) 295 - 7215 for questions, or to arrange a free consultation, we're looking forward to hearing from you.
James Matthews, M.D.

Calvert Family Medicine